Title: Plague Sergeant

Locus: Toy Landfill

Signature Weapon: Syringe Sword

Likes: Solitude, medicine, toys, mechanical clocks.

Dislikes: Mice and rats (including herself), fire, cats, royalty.

Bacille is a mysterious demon whose origins are unknown. Though she is immortal, she is in a constant of decay and malnourishment. Her body is full of disease-harboring insects which exit through her left eye socket, quickly spreading fast-acting diseases among both enemies and allies. She can summon an undead army, but she refuses to fight until a voice in her head commands her to do so.

In battle Bacille wields her Syringe Sword, a strange weapon that resembles a medical needle. She fills the blade’s canister with infectious solutions she then injects in her foes. Or she can inject herself with specific infections to spread with her insects.

Bacille spends much of her time barricaded in her cave home, where she usually just lies on the floor feeling depressed. Deep within her cave is a pit full of garbage, mostly children’s toys, which serves as her Locus. She fears fire, which can put a quick end to her insects and herself. Bacille becomes stubborn and irritated in the presence of royalty, and for this reason Bacille avoids Ina, who is always quick to point out her royal heritage.