Title: Carnage Commander

Locus: Endless Blood Fountain

Signature Weapon: Sickle-Hammer

Likes: Classic art, martial literature, dolls, crows

Dislikes: Technology, debauchery, pigeons

Eula grew up training to lead the demon army, but by the time it was her turn to take the lead, the demon army was in shambles. Left with a band of misfit immortals, Eula has spent the last 50 years trying to whip them into shape… and failing.

Eula is a perfectionist who often obsesses over details. In her free time she crafts stone statues, and kills the ever-present pigeons that threaten to blemish her creations. While she hates pigeons, she is utterly captivated by crows. When asked about her affection for crows, Eula becomes uncharacteristically shy.

Though she comes from a bloodline of lust-inspiring demons, Eula actually has very little interest in sex. She disapproves of the depraved behavior many demons engage in. Such activities only distract from all the work that needs to be done to defeat the fairies.