Title: Enthralling Sovereign

Locus: Endless Blood Fountain

Signature Weapon: Hypnotic Trident

Likes: Flattery, performing, being treated like royalty, baby animals.

Dislikes: Being denigrated, filth, manual labor, insects.

Ina’s father, now banished to Hell, was in line to inherit the throne in one of Hell’s domains. So if he had, that would make Ina a princess… but with no way to contact the demons in Hell from the mortal world, Ina has no way to confirm her rank.

Nonetheless, she acts as princess to the demons stuck in the mortal world. Ina is a master of psychomancy, using her powers to warp the minds of her enemy’s soldiers and turn them against themselves. The immortal fairies, however, have been subjected to her magic too often and now are nearly immune to her mind-control.

Ina’s familiar, Peepo, is an emotion martyr upon whom Ina transfers all of her negative emotions. Having complete control of her own emotions enhances her psychomantic power.

Lately Ina has been interested in singing and performing for her subjects. She doesn’t take kindly to criticism, especially from fellow demons. Since she behaves as a princess, she refuses to do any work she perceives as beneath her.