Title: Calculating Major

Locus: Lead Tomb

Signature Weapon: Runic Abacus

Likes: Mathematics, physics, logistics, information technology, classical music.

Dislikes: Abstract art, poetry, many forms of popular fiction, all music that isn’t classical.

Izzy is a vampire under the employ of the demon army. She serves as their chief logistics analyst, and recently has given herself the role of infrastructure development manager. Izzy is overseeing the restoration of many of the buildings, roads, and communications systems which were ruined when humans caused the apocalypse.

Her many research projects take priority over everything else in Izzy’s life. As such, she doesn’t have time for any activities she finds unproductive. She listens to classical music because she knows it has been proven to increase productivity and assist with concentration. Despite her dedication to her many projects, she’s easily distracted when something new catches her interest.

Izzy is never seen smiling, and many believe she is unable to experience emotion. If she sees many small items strewn about, she can’t stop herself from counting all of them and sorting them appropriately.