Title: Serpent General

Locus: Snakebed Grotto

Signature Weapon: Sextuplet Blasters

Likes: Vandalism, sex, violence, jewels, painting, eggs.

Dislikes: Meditating, rules, cold weather, milk, anything that kills snakes.

When Loopy was born, she hatched from an egg in a grotto deep beneath a human monks’ temple. The monks raised Loopy, and tried to teach her the ways of peace and enlightenment. Loopy eagerly absorbed their teachings, and just as eagerly broke every tenet of their faith. Though she hates it, Loopy often meditates when she feels frustrated or anxious, seeking the inner peace the monks preach about. Somehow, in spite of her violation of their rules, Loopy has managed to open her third eye, granting great powers of transformation.

Loopy’s true form is half snake, half woman, but she chooses to stay in “Super Heroine Loopy mode,” as she calls it, most of the time, which appears mostly human. Opening her third eye partially unlocks her six-armed serpent demon form, and opening it all the way transforms her into a massive three-headed serpent: the “Great Destroyer.” In this mode she’s unstoppable, the strongest of all the immortals, but she has no control over her actions and obliterates everything in her path. Eula forbids her from using her Great Destroyer form in battle, but Loopy hates to lose, and unleashes her full power whenever she faces defeat.

In her free time, Loopy collects jewels and hides them in her grotto. She also paints, a calming activity the monks taught her to guide her toward peace. She often hunts for fresh eggs to eat, which are hard to find in the wastelands. The monks used to keep chickens to produce eggs for her, but she kept eating all the chickens. Loopy has been known to consort with mortals, and likes to tempt attractive young monks to break their oaths.