Title: Seabreeze Navarch

Locus: Undersea Ghostharbor

Signature Weapon: Flying Fish spear

Likes: Seafood, sunbathing, ocean and beach sports, squirrels.

Dislikes: Pollution, predators of seals, penguins.

Biana rules the seas as the last oceanic immortal. With her innocent smile she brutally murders her foes and bystanders, all without any malice in her heart. She stands as an example of why the fairies are no better than demons when it comes to the sanctity of human life.

Biana wields a legendary spear, the Flying Fish, which she uses to fly around and surf the waves. She spends most of her time in the water, often in seal form, and can be easily identified because all the seals of her species are extinct. Over the course of several decades, she hunted to extinction the sharks and killer whales in the ocean surrounding her Locus.

She is quite approachable and will converse with anyone, friend or foe. Rumor has it Biana has drowned a few humans while trying to force them to visit her undersea home. She is fascinated by squirrels and detests penguins—no one knows why.