Title: Crystal Captain

Locus: Crystal Motherlode

Signature Weapon: Golden Shovel

Likes: Mining, minerals, gardening, caring for animals, natural order.

Dislikes: Ambrosia, slackers, hunters, earthquakes.

Hildie serves as second-in-command of the fairy forces. But with Terellah so frequently inebriated, Hildie finds herself doing most of the duties expected of her leader. Hildie is, however, a stickler for rules and organization, so she takes some comfort in her role as Terellah’s steward. Fairies now look to Hildie for guidance and consider her to be the true leader. However, Hildie does not claim this role for herself. She remains ever loyal to Terellah and is dedicated to helping Terellah be a capable leader. To this end, she has been searching for Terellah’s source of ambrosia, intent on cutting off the supply.

Though she normally stands knee-high, this little gnome can use magic to temporarily grow to the height of a short adult human. She enjoys mining, collecting rare ore and crystals, and gardening. Perhaps her love of gardening is what drives her to look after her plantly leader? Hildie is able to travel quickly by digging with her magic shovel, cutting swift travel routes that dive under all obstacles.