Title: Illusory Brigadier

Locus: Wisp Bog

Signature Weapon: Pinwheel Spear

Likes: Pranks, novelty gifts, holidays, insects (as food), and likes lame things ironically.

Dislikes: Salt, caffeinated drinks, scorpions, etiquette.

Kaori claims to be a princess from a far-off land whom a curse turned into a toad. She has no evidence to support this claim. More likely, she is simply a swamp-faring fairy born with the features of a toad. She can shapeshift between toad and fairy form.

A natural trickster, Kaori overcomes her opponents with illusions and deception. She is, however, very fond of pranks and often plays tricks on her allies. The soldiers under her command consist of fairies from around the world known to be rogues and saboteurs. Kaori usually leads them in covert operations, but often she abuses her authority and sets her soldiers out to pull pranks on other immortals, both friend and foe.

Among fairies, she has the highest interest in human culture. She scours the ruins of human cities for stores that sell silly novelty items she can use in pranks. If just to annoy others, she likes things that most people would consider awful, such as tone-deaf singers and goofy clothing.