Title: Elegant Overlord

Locus: Perennial Pixie Ring

Signature Weapon: Seven-Branched Blade

Likes: Ambrosia, fashion, revelry, people of high-class lineage

Dislikes: Deadlines, organization, people of low-class lineage

Born from the last immortal seed of a long line of royal flower pixies, Terellah has always been expected to act with the dignity and grace of her predecessors.

However, after decades of pressure to live up to those expectations, Terellah sort of just… stopped. Ever since she discovered how to procure ambrosia—a nectar of the gods which intoxicates flower fairies—her response to every failure has been to drink away her problems.

Fortunately for Terellah, her second-in-command is always there to pick up the slack when Terellah lets herself go. This leaves Terellah free to do as she likes, ignorant of how her behavior effects the morale of the fairy forces.

In her free time, when she’s not intoxicated, she enjoys hosting celebrations and social mixers. She’s fond of the extinct high-fashion of the mortal world, and owns a large stockpile of fashion magazines.

In spite of her failings and the dissolution of fairy castes, Terellah still feels like a member of high society and respects others who also descend from aristocracy. For this reason, though they are her enemies, Terellah holds begrudging respect toward Eula and Ina— both daughters of demon royalty.