Title: Wildfire Vizier

Locus: Unknown

Signature Weapon: Zills of Chaos

Likes: Literature of all kinds, music, dancing, games of strategy.

Dislikes: Incompetent allies, unworthy foes, water, games of chance.

Zahirah, the last immortal djinn, lives in a palace buried in the desert of an desolate empire. She spends most of her time there, reading the bookks she’s collected from around the world and added to her vast library. She’s solitary and secretive, and has managed to keep the identity of her Locus a secret from everyone.

While she seems quite calm and easygoing, when pushed to her limit she bursts in to a fiery rage—quite literally. When she removes her shayla (scarf), her hair of flames is revealed. Once her hair is exposed, the flames overtake her and her true ifrit form is unleashed. In ifrit form, Zahirah is the strongest fairy, and feared by every immortal except Loopy.

However, because she has little control over her actions as an ifrit, Zahirah prefers to fight strategically using an army of sand soldiers summoned with her magic. The farther she roams from her desert, the smaller her sand army becomes. Thus, she prefers to fight in her home territory and rarely leaves even if given a direct order.

Zahirah trusts only her own judgment, and ignores directives from Terellah or her steward Hildie if she doesn’t agree with them. When Zahirah does appear on the battlefield, more often than not, she and Loopy are forced to fight, causing massive damage to both armies and the surrounding terrain.